[TimorLesteStudies] New DIT language resources: Timor language maps; bibliography of Timor languages

Catharina Williams-van Klinken cwvk at livethedream.tl
Thu Apr 16 20:15:54 AEST 2015

Dili Institute of Technology is pleased to announce that it has two new
resources on Timorese languages on its website

.	Williams-van Klinken, Catharina, & Williams, Robert. (2015). Mapping
the mother tongue in Timor-Leste: Who spoke what where in 2010? Dili
Institute of Technology. Dili. 
	[maps showing the distribution of each language by suku, according
to the 2010 census]

.	Williams-van Klinken, Catharina. (2015). Selected bibliography of
works on languages of Timor-Leste. Dili Institute of Technology. Dili. 

Catharina Williams-van Klinken

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