[TimorLesteStudies] New book, exhibition and catalogue by Frederic Durand - 'Balthazar: Un prince de Timor en Chine, en Amérique et en Europe au XVIIIe siècle'

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Dear Michael,
it has been a while !

I have been very busy with my teaching in Toulouse, and with several projects on environment and on Asia. But I didn't forget Timor...Among those projects was a rather incredible research on Balthazar, the Prince of Timor, who went to France in the mid-18th century. The story was known from a few historians, but they got it wrong. In fact, instead of dying young and in poverty, he stayed for more than 40 years in France, where he became famous and played a non-negligible role in French history.

For several years, I had to visit many archives centers in France and Europe, to unearth tens of documents, letters and manuscripts by or on him. It was a hard job, but it allowed me to prepare a 370-pages book which has just been published.

So far, the book is only in French, but I also prepared an exhibition on his story (in French and Portuguese), with a trilingual catalogue (in French, English and Portuguese), which is presently shown in my university and in the International University Campus in Paris.

And I hope that it will be possible to show it in Jakarta, in Dili, and of course in Australia!

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