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For the information of researchers, please see below a list of the new books and DVDs about Timor-Leste that have just arrived at the National Library. Most are available for use now at the Library or they can be requested on inter-library loan. The hyperlinks next to each title will take you to our catalogue record which has more information on them. I hope you find them useful!
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RENETIL iha luta libertasaun Timor-Lorosa'e : antes sem titulo, do que sem patria! / Carlos da Silva L.F.R Saky

A comprehensive study of the history and activities of RENETIL. In Tetun.
Timor : paraíso violentado : memórias de un passado / Fátima Guterres

Memoirs of a Timorese woman, including her childhood, experiences during 1974-1975, life during the Occupation and her work in the Resistance. In Portuguese.
Ascensão e queda de um bispo : D. frei Manuel de Santo António Primeiro Bispo de Malaca residente em Timor / Luísa Coutinho ; prefácio de Dom Ximenes Belo

Biography of Manuel de Santo Antonio, Bishop of Malacca, missionary and first bishop in Timor and Governor in Lifau 1719-172). In Portuguese.

Díli : a cidade que não era / Dom Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo

History of the city of Dili. In Portuguese
A luta armada timorense na resistência à ocupação 1975-1999 / Abílio Pires Lousada, António José Oliveira, Carlos Dias Afonso

Detailed history of the armed resistence to Indonesian occupation. Authors are or were members of the Portuguese armed forces. This work includes analysis of FALINTIL organisation, military strategy and operations as well as overall history. In Portuguese.
Da cruz ao sol nascente : experiência de um jesuíta em Timor Leste de 1974 a 2012 / José Alves Martins, S.J
Autobiography of a Jesuit priest who spent more than 38 years in Timor-Leste. In Portuguese.
Vozes da Resistência timorense / Domingos de Sousa; prefácio Daniel A. Pereira
Collection of oral history interviews with several East Timorese, including some prominent figures, on their experiences during the coup, counter-coup, Indonesian invasion and occupation and their roles in the resistance movement. In Portuguese .
Resistência Timorense: arquivo & museu
Large new edition of this work. Comprehensive chronology of the Resistance and of Timorese history 1975-2002, based on the collections and exhibitions of the AMRT (Archive and Museum of the Timorese Resistence. Parallel Portuguese, Tetun and English text.

Cidadania para o desenvolvimento : discoursos maio 2012-maio 2014 / Taur Matan Ruak
Speeches  by President Taur Matan Ruak. In Portuguese.
O Semi-presidencialismo timorense : historia, política e desenho institucional na trajectória de uma jovem democracia : depoimentos e análises / Armando Marques Guedes [and seven others]
Analysis of Timor’s system of government (In Portuguese)
Municípios em Timor-Leste : uma segunda independência / António Rodrigues
On local government and social conditions in the districts. Includes comparisons with Portugal and Cabo-Verde. In Portuguese.
Solusaun ba ki'ak: estudo avaliativu / husi Elizario Ferreira
On co-operative credit organisations in Timor. In Tetun.

As causas da pobreza e subnutrição em Timor-Leste / Avelino M. Coelho da Silva (Shalar Kosi FF)
Analysis of poverty and economic conditions in Timor-Leste, by the leader of the Socialist Party of Timor. In Portuguese.

Matadalan hakerek kreativu : inklui istória rezistensia feto nain-haat / Pip Desmond
Handbook with exercises on developing creative writing skills in Tetun; includes examples of four life stories of Timorese women active in the resistance against Indonesian occupation. In Tetun

Aqui, onde o sol, logo em nascendo, vê primeiro = Iha ne'e, ne'ebé bainhira loro sa'e, haree uluk = The land, the sun on rising, sees first
Poems by Xanana Gusmao, and photographs by Jose Ramos Horta and Raquel Belli of Easter, Christmas and Carnival celebrations in Timor.

Uma lulik = A casa sagrada = The sacred house / Victor de Sousa  [DVD]
Documentary on the building of a sacred house in Venilale District which also tells a story of the reconstruction of national identity. In Tetun (Tetum) and Kairui languages, with Portuguese and English subtitles.

Suku-Hali Timor-Leste [DVD]
An action-packed television drama made by IOM to promote public dialogue on community conflict issues, addressing social issues associated with the 2006 crisis. It follows the fortunes of two orphans who migrate to the city and struggle to understand their new environment, and addresses many of the issues still affecting Timorese society in the wake of the conflict, including land disputes, youth disaffection and unemployment, demographic shifts, population pressures and factionalism. Audio in Tetun with English and Portuguese subtitles.

Tatoli ba kultura : filmi badak, 2011 = Traditional culture of Timor-Leste, short films, 2011 / [produced by] Secretaria de Estado da Cultura  [DVD]
Collection of short films of music, dance and rituals from each district. In Tetum, with English subtitles.

Património arquitectónico de origem portuguesa de Liquiçá = Patrimóniu arquitetóniku origem portugueza Liquiçá nian = Architectural heritage of Portuguese origins of Liquiçá
Colonial architecture in Liquica. Parallel Portuguese, Tetun and English text.

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