[TimorLesteStudies] Advanced Tetun course on week of 4th April

Catharina Williams-van Klinken cwvk at livethedream.tl
Sat Apr 2 16:59:00 AEDT 2016

Dili Institute of Technology is continuing to provide intensive Tetun
courses. For the latest schedule and information, see www.tetundit.tl. 

An advanced level course is scheduled for the week starting Monday 4th
April. This is aimed at people who have a minimum level of Intermediate Mid;
this means they can communicate well in everyday situations but want to
raise the bar. Suggested topics include story telling (important, and
surprisingly hard to do well), translation (native Tetun speakers also
welcome for these sessions), giving instruction, and talking about repairs
and maintenance. Other topics depend on the interests of those who register
first. To register and arrange for an interview to check your level, please
contact Tina Tilman on 7736 9768 or  <mailto:%20regis at tetundit.tl>
regis at tetundit.tl.

Yours sincerely,






Dr Catharina Williams-van Klinken

Director, Centre for Language Studies

Dili Institute of Technology.

Email: cwvk at livethedream.tl

Phone: (+670) 7724 8459

Website: www.tetundit.tl


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