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Dear TLSA colleagues,
I would like to inform you about my new book 'Activism and Aid: Young citizens' experiences of development and democracy in Timor-Leste' published March 2016. A flyer is attached. The book was launched in Melbourne on 17 March and is available from Monash University Publishing http://www.publishing.monash.edu/books/aa-9780980510874.html or Readings Bookshop.

Timor-Leste's independence was forged at a time international developmental theory had rejected top down approaches and recognised the importance of participatory approaches informing developmental strategies. When the arrival of the United Nations and a multitude of bilateral and multilateral and non-government organisations arrived in Timor-Leste in 1999 it was hoped that the international intervention would at last produce a development success story.
Independence also brought the realisation that dreams for an independent Timor-Leste varied, often according to their generation.  Three generations of Timorese: the political elite, a younger generation of independence activists (gerasaun foun) and today's youth of independent Timor-Leste, each bring their own experiences and face different challenges in Timor-Leste. Today stark contrasts between the values of customary life and those of the modernising world place both community leaders and young Timorese at a crossroads. The experiences of the Timorese are unique, but this book reflects a broader analysis about how aid influenced process of development can work in greater harmony with the people to realise their own visions of the future of the nation.

I will be launching the book in Dili in June or July. I will need a distributor to sell it in Dili - any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

Best wishes,

Dr Ann Wigglesworth,
Social Development Consultant/ Researcher
PO Box 352, Elwood
Victoria 3184
(61) 3 9537 7007
(61) 424 296 464

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