[hepr-vn] Fwd: Thi anh toan quoc ve "Moi lien he giua Doi ngheo va Moi truong"/ Photographic Contest on "Poverty and Environment Linkage

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Subject: Thi anh toan quoc ve "Moi lien he giua Doi ngheo va Moi truong"/ 
Photographic Contest on "Poverty and Environment Linkage
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 11:53:45 +0700
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Kinh gui thanh vien mang luoi PEN,

Ngay 24/4/2008, Hoi Kinh te Moi truong Viet Nam, ket hop cung voi Hoi Nghe si 
Nhiep anh Viet Nam da phat dong cuoc thi anh tren toan quoc ve chu de "Moi lien 
he giua ngheo doi va moi truong". Cuoc thi, voi su tai tro cua Du an Doi ngheo 
va Moi truong, nham nang cao hieu biet cua nguoi dan ve moi lien he giua ngheo 
doi va moi truong. Thong tin va the le chi tiet cua cuoc thi duoc dang tren 
trang web cua Hoi Nghe si Nhiep anh Viet Nam: 

Ban Dieu hanh Mang luoi mong cac thanh vien PEN ung ho va tham gia nhiet tinh 
cuoc thi anh nay.

Kinh thu

Nguyen Trung Thang
Thu ky Ban Dieu hanh Mang luoi

Dear PEN members,

On April 24th, 2008, the Vietnam Environmental Economics Association, in 
cooperation with the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists, initiated a 
national-wide photographic contest on "Poverty and Environment Linkages". The 
contest, with support from the Poverty and Environment Project, aims at raising 
public awareness and concerns on the linkages between poverty and environment. 
Details and regulation on the contest are attached here.

The Management Board would like to call for the participation and support from 
PEN member in this contest.

Sincerely yours

Nguyen Trung Thang
Secretary of the Board

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