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Firstly apologies for the late appearance of the weekly HERDSA email news.

This week have two calls for expressions of interest to contribute to books on higher education.

We also have:
•	Release of AUQA Report for the Australian National University
•	Position vacant at the Southern Cross University
•	Details of two conferences.
•	Latest entries in the database on International Education

1) Expressions of Interest for contribution to a book.

Dr Marcia Devlin and Dr Martin Davies from the University of Melbourne are seeking expressions of interest from individuals or teams for contributions to a forthcoming edited book manuscript provisionally entitled: Interdisciplinary Higher Education: Theory and Practice in Australia and South East Asia. 

Marcia and Martin are both Senior Lecturers at the University of Melbourne, in the Centre for the Study of Higher Education and the Teaching and Learning Unit respectively, and both have extensive publications in the field of higher education. 

They have recently published three articles on the topic of interdisciplinarity:--

Davies, M. and Devlin, M. (2007) Interdisciplinary Higher Education: Implications for Teaching and Learning. Centre for the Study of Higher Education Teaching and Learning Resources Series.http://www.cshe.unimelb.edu.au/pdfs/InterdisciplinaryHEd.pdf

Davies, M. and Devlin, M. (2007) Interdisciplinary Higher Education and the Melbourne Model. Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia.

Davies, M. and Devlin, M. (2007) Understanding the Disciplinary Cycle, The Australian, HES, 31/10/07, p. 30.

Their web pages can be found at:http://tlu.ecom.unimelb.edu.au/about_us/martin.html


They envisage two major sections for the book: 

1)	Theory and 2) Practice. The first section will look at issues associated with the concept of interdisciplinarity, and its relationship to various aspects of learning such as generic skills and graduate attributes.  The second section will outline models of interdisciplinary practice broadly and within the disciplines, providing short vignettes of teaching practice

.Individuals or teams can consider writing contributions for either section. The articles for the first section should be between 5000 and7000 words and for the second section between 1000 and 2000 words. The book project currently has confirmed contributions from 9 individuals or teams in Australia and South East Asia.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** Before sending a paper for consideration, please write and advise the editors of your expertise and qualifications in this area. All proposals will be peer-reviewed.  
Martin can be contacted on wmdavies at unimelb.edu.au 
Marcia on mdevlin at unimelb.edu.au


2) Call for Chapters
Posted by Angela Brew, University of Sydney <a.brew at usyd.edu.au>

Beyond Consultation: Developing Staff-Student Partnerships in Learning and Teaching Development and Research 
Editors: Laura Jenkins and Sabine Little 
We are pleased to announce a call for chapters for an edited book on staff-student partnerships in learning and teaching development, teaching and research.
The aim of this book is to build on existing and emerging expertise in staff-student partnerships that go beyond the consultation model, instead illustrating an approach of staff and students collaborating to facilitate institutional change. Following the collaborative philosophy of the book, chapter proposals are invited from staff-student author teams, focusing on student involvement regarding learning and teaching development, and evaluation and research respectively. The book will be co-edited by a staff-student editorial team.
Proposed Audience 
There is a strong emergent interest in staff-student partnerships that go beyond the consultation model, and it is envisaged that the book will be of interest to higher education institutions aiming to develop collaborative models of student engagement in the areas of learning and teaching development, evaluation, and research. The book will be of interest to academic members of staff as well as learning developers, but furthermore having the potential to be of interest to policy-makers who wish to engage in or consult student-centred research as part of their considerations. The book will embrace a jargon-free language, thus making it accessible to various levels of academia. At the same time, the problematisation of learning and teaching issues from the dual perspective of student and staff should provide an engaging challenge at a high academic level.
Book structure 
The book will be split into two distinct sections, focusing on student involvement in learning and teaching development on the one hand, and evaluation and research on the other. Chapters should be approximately 6,000-7,000 words in length, and should include a brief reflection from both staff and student authors at the end, focusing on the experience of the collaborative process and learning that took place. The chapters will be peer-reviewed, and part of the editorial process will consist of providing brief introductions to each chapter, tying it together with other chapters the reader may find of interest. 
Potential areas of interest might include, but are not limited to 
a) involving students as part of a departmental research strategy; 
b) student networks aiming to feed into learning and teaching development; 
c) student-centred or student-led evaluation; 
d) student involvement in learning, teaching and assessment strategies; 
e) student-led initiatives to involve other students in learning and teaching issues around the institution; 
f) the use of student-authored materials in learning and teaching; 
g) students engaging in peer mentoring/tutoring schemes. 
It is expected that chapters will not simply report case studies, but will ground findings in appropriate research and background literature.
Key Dates 
Prospective author teams should send an expression of interest by email to Sabine Little (s.little at shef.ac.uk) as soon as possible. The remaining key dates are outlined below. Abstracts (of 500 words) should clearly outline the content of the chapter and propose a section under which it might be included.
Please also provide very brief information regarding the staff-student author team. 
Expression of interest: ASAP 
15 February 2008: Abstracts received 
15 March 2008: Accepted chapters and book structure confirmed with authors 
31 August 2008: Final chapters due, sent out for peer review 
15 October 2008: Peer reviews received 
31 October 2008: Reviews mailed to authors 30 December 2008: Revised chapters due 
18 March 2009: Book due with publisher 
We are currently in negotiations with publishers and will keep all authors up-to-date on developments. Please note that this is a re-issue of a call that was originally made at UK level only – contributions from all Higher Education institutions worldwide are explicitly invited!
Dr Sabine Little 
Learning Development and Research Associate (Networked Learning) 
CILASS: Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences University of Sheffield Information Commons 
44 Leavygreave Road 
Sheffield S3 7RD 
Tel: +44 (0)114 222 5274 
Fax: +44 (0)114 222 5279 
Email: s.little at sheffield.ac.uk 

An Audit Report of The Australian National University is released today, Wednesday 28 November 2007.

For your information, a PDF or WORD version of the Audit Report can be downloaded from the AUQA Website.


Jenny Bastas, PA to the Executive Director Australian Universities Quality Agency



Teaching and Learning Centre
Southern Cross University

Educational Staff Developers/Designers
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Level

SCU is seeking to establish a register of educational consultants and outsource some of the work of the educational design team. We are therefore looking for experienced educational designers and staff developers to provide an expression of interest accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae, to be included on our register. See details attached

For further information about this position contact

Academic Enquiries: Associate professor Sharon Parry Phone: 02 6620 3087 Email: sharon.parry at scu.edu.au

General Enquiries: Kerry Riley Phone: 02 6620 3177 Email: kerry.riley at scu.edu.au

Kerry Riley
Administrative Assistant
Teaching and Learning Centre
Southern Cross University
PO Box 157, Lismore NSW 2480

Email: kerry.riley at scu.edu.au
Telephone:      +61 2 6620 3177
Fax:             +61 2 6620 3426

Conference 1

Call for Abstracts Deadline: 15 January 2008  
** Please forward to a colleague **



Education Innovation Quest: A Century in the Service of Knowledge

25 - 27 June 2008

Contact person: Irene le Roux (eduvate at up.ac.za)

Call for Participation

Hosted by the Department for Education Innovation

University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa


This conference is being organised as part of the centenary celebrations of the University of Pretoria. The University was established as the then “Transvaal University College” in 1908 in a small house in Pretoria. Today, the University of Pretoria is one of the largest residential universities in South Africa, with approximately 38 700 contact and 14 500 distance students. It has nine faculties spread over various campuses located in and around Pretoria 
(see http://www.up.ac.za).


The conference serves to celebrate progress and innovation in Teaching and Learning and will include the following tracks.  Sub topics per track are provided on the website.

●  Teaching, learning and assessment in higher education

●  Enhancing teaching and learning with technology

●  Visual communication in higher education


The conference appeals to a wide audience involved in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: academics, educationalists, educational researchers, educational technologists, instructional designers and visual communication specialists. 


Abstracts are invited and no full papers will be required. Specifications for abstracts are available on the conference website. The closing date for email submission of abstracts is 15 January 2008.


The conference website is at http://www.up.ac.za/eduvate
Conference 2 
December 18th is the new deadline for papers/abstracts submissions and Invited Sessions Proposals for EISTA 2008: The 6th International Conference on Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (Orlando, Florida, USA, on June 29th to July 2nd, 2008) http://www.socioinfocyber.org/eista2008
Authors Notification: February 6th, 2008 Camera ready, full papers: March 5th, 2008

All Submitted papers will be reviewed by a double-blind (at least three reviewers), non-blind, and participative peer review. These three kinds of review will support the selection process of those that will be accepted for their presentation at the conference, as well as those to be selected for their publication in JSCI Journal. Details are given in the conference web site.

The registration fee of effective invited session organizers will be waived and they will receive at the registration desk, for free, 1) a package of 4 DVDs and one CD containing the 6-hour tutorial "Fundamentals and History of Cybernetics: Development of the Theory of Complex Adaptive Systems" and 2) a second 4-DVDs/1-CD package 6-hours tutorial titled "Cybernetic Management". The market price of each of these packages is US $ 295. Twelve more benefits for invited session organizers are listed at EISTA 2008 web page.

For submissions or Invited Sessions Proposals, please go to the web site: http://www.socioinfocyber.org/eista2008/organizer.asp

Authors of the best 10%-20% of the papers presented at the conference will be invited to adapt their papers for their publication in the Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics.

Each session to be included in the conference program will have corresponding electronic pre-conference and post-conference sessions for 15 days each. In the electronic pre-conference sessions authors will have access to the papers to be presented at their session and to an associated electronic forum, so they can be better prepared for their conference face-to-face session. Similarly, electronic post-conference sessions will complement and support a follow-up of the respective conference sessions, via an electronic forum and the possibility of evaluating papers presented at the associated session. These evaluations will also support the selection process for the papers to be published in JSCI journal.

Best regards,

EISTA 2008 Secretariat
The Database of Research on International Education has been updated with 147 new records. The latest entries can be browsed from the New Additions page at:


Please note: Australian Commonwealth Government funding for the Database of Research on International Education will cease on 31 December 2007.
For information regarding this or to provide feedback to DEST please contact Australian Education International via Mandy.White at Dest.gov.au

In the absence of funding, the last monthly update of the Database will be in early December 2007.


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