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Tue, 29 Apr 1997 15:30:14 +1000

At 10:20 AM 29/04/97 +1000, r.polanskis@nepean.uws.edu.au wrote:

>From a "techies" perspective, I think a lot of it can be blamed 
>on the types of magazines that MIS/IT management types read.

I call it "management by airline magazine"

I sat next to the GCIO at an AIIA lunch (he was talking about the Blueprint
document - funny how it disappeared without trace - there was supposed to be
a follow up document). I observed that he seemed to be spending all his time
talking to industry (ie people with a vested interest in government spending
more money). When I asked him how he was getting input and feedback from
people within the public sector, he just changed the subject.

We are now in a religious war. Neither logic nor arguments will change
anything. It reminds me of the Crusades. You either play them at their own
game, only better, or you wait for the bleeding obvious to come to pass.
There are none so blind as those who will not see. [Not a bad paragraph for
a humble engineer, perhaps a bit disjointed].

Bernard Robertson-Dunn
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