FW: National Library Seminar on International Metadata Developments, 6 March 1997 (fwd)

Eric Wainwright ewainwri@nla.gov.au
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 16:16:18 +1100 (EETDT)

>Seminar on International Metadata Developments
>6 March 1997, National Library of Australia
>Following on from the 4th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop in Canberra on 3 - 5
>March, the National Library of Australia is organising a Seminar on
>International Metadata Developments on the 6 March.  
>The use of standard metadata sets ensures consistency in the description of
>Internet information. This in turn facilitates more efficient searching and
>retrieval of Internet resources (documents and images). This Seminar will
>provide a good overview of the latest developments and standards that are
>being designed to improve the accessibility of electronic information. 
>The Seminar takes advantage of the presence in Australia of a number of key
>international figures in metadata development.  These individuals are coming
>to Canberra to participate in the by-invitation-only 4th Dublin Core Metadata
>The Seminar will draw on the wide range of international speakers attending
>the 4th Dublin Core Workshop and aims to provide a first hand opportunity to
>hear about international developments in metadata standards and to discuss
>possible ways of encouraging the deployment of standard metadata elements by
>Australian creators of electronic publications.  It is also intended that
>there will be some discussion of ways of supporting interoperability amongst
>the various metadata systems under development.
>Anyone who is a creator of information resources on the Internet is
>encouraged to attend this important seminar. Representatives from libraries,
>museums, archives, government agencies and other electronic publishers are
>particularly welcome.
>A number of leading international experts in the field will present the
>latest research on metadata for the Internet, including an up to the minute
>report on the development of the well known "Dublin Core" standard.
>Australian speakers, with the participation of seminar delegates, will
>explore strategies for applying these standards to Australian information
>resources on the Internet.
>The Program for the Seminar is still being developed and as soon as details
>are available they will be included on the Web page below. 
>The Registration fee for the Seminar is $100. 00 including morning and
>afternoon teas, and lunch.  All registrations should include the registration
>fee and payment should be made to the National Library of Australia.  The
>deadline for registrations is 17 February 1997. 
>There is a self reporting Registration Form at the Symposium Web page at url
>For further information contact Rachel Jakimow on ph: (06) 2621522; fax: (06)
>2571703; or email: r.jakimow@nla.gov.au.
>For information on the 4th Dublin Core workshop please visit its home page at