Getting a KeyPOST Digital Certificate - Part 1 - Applying

Tom Worthington
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 08:12:33 +1000

I noticed that the Canberra GPO PostShop had application forms for KeyPOST.
So I thought I would try applying and see how difficult the process was.

KeyPOST is a service which issues digital certificates:

There is one pamphlet describing the overall service, then ones on applying
for a personal certificate and organizational certificates. I filled in the
one page form for a personal certificate and handed it in at the Post Shop
counter at around 12:20pm on Tuesday 18 August. It took ten minutes to go
through the process of identifying myself (like opening a bank account) and
paying the money ($20).

This was only the second application processed at this Post Shop, so some
time was spent by staff finding the application guide and double checking
details. It should take less than five minutes when the staff get used to it.

Exactly what happens next, or when, is not clear. I assume I get sent a
floppy disk with the private key. The documentation talks about the option
of receiving it on a smart card, but I don't have a smart card reader. Also
I couldn't find anything to say what systems the material is compatible
with, apart from Maxi:

However, the object of the exercise is to see what arrives, when and how
hard it is to use, so I will wait and see what happens next. I might have a
t-shirt made saying: "You don't have to be certified to use e-commerce, but
it helps".  ;-)

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