Getting a KeyPOST Digital Certificate - Part 2 - Corrections

Tom Worthington
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 08:15:00 +1000

I wrote Wed, 19 Aug 1998 08:12:33 +1000:

>...I filled in the one page form for a personal certificate and handed it 
>in at the Post Shop counter at around 12:20pm on Tuesday 18 August...
>Exactly what happens next, or when, is not clear...

On Saturday 29 August there was a package from Australia Post (postmarked 25
August). This contained:

* Retail Terms pamphlet, full of legal fine print (seems to be the same as
in the application form pamphlet),
* Customer Details form, with what I filled in on the application form for
* Conformation form, to confirm I want the account,
* A Sealed Envelope, this is marked "Do Not Open This Envelope" and
presumably contains some sort of activation code to go with the key, when it

There was supposed to be a return postage paid envelope, but that was
missing. There is the option of changing details and confirming by telephone
(quoting a password), but when I tried calling the number I got a "number
error" code.

The given name for me on the form is incorrectly stated as "Mr. Tom", so I
filled in the form to have that fixed. It appears there is no place for a
title ("Mr.") on the system. Ther other details (e-mail address, certificate
name, surname, postal address, suburb/town, state and post code) were correct.

The amount of paper involved runs counter to the aim of on-line paper less
work. Having a separate details and customer form appears a bit excessive
and the one form could serve both functions. It reminds me of the early days
of ATM cards and the excessive security employed.

>From the serial number I was issued, it appears that less than 500
certificates have been issued by KeyPOST (or perhaps that number in NSW).
The serial number format allows for 99 million, but Australia Post will need
to streamline the process before than, if wants to make money from it.

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