Australia Post decides to cease KeyPOST

Tom Worthington
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 21:41:48 +1000

>From Keypost 10:40 1/04/99 +1000, but not an April Fools day joke, I suspect:

>Australia Post has decided to cease its KeyPOST(tm) operations concerning
>the generation of private keys and certificates from 1 August 1999.
>Unfortunately, the service has not met expectations and its growth and take
>up rate have been less than what we expected.
>I would like to thank you for your support and interest in the service, but
>it has become increasingly clear that the service is not commercially
>You will be offered a full refund of the licence fee paid by you in respect
>of your current licence period.  Alternatively, we are attempting to arrange
>for another Certification Authority to take over KeyPOST's operations. If
>you agree to this, you can continue your licence with us, which will then be
>transferred to another certification authority (if commercial arrangements
>can be agreed).  If not, you will still be entitled to receive your refund.
>There are two immediate steps required of Australia Post to cease KeyPOST's
>1.	the Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) will be amended to allow
>for a partial cessation of services as KeyPOST will continue to operate but
>in a limited role, to authenticate those people applying for private keys
>and certificates for other certification authorities; and
>2.	once the CPS is amended (which requires one months notice), we
>intend to give 90 days notice of the cessation of its operations concerning
>the generation of private keys and certificates, which is expected to take
>effect on 1 August 1999. That is, Australia Post will send notification to
>you after the CPS changes are effective, formally advising you of the
>intended cessation of services and offering a refund for your valid
>If you have any queries in relation to this matter, please do not hesitate
>to contact Stephen Walter on 9204-7135.  I enclose Notice of Variation to
>clause 8.2 of the Certification Practice Statement which shall apply on and
>from 1 May 1999.  This variation has also been sent to you electronically
>and has been posted on our website.


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