[LINK] eGroups has 538,105 moderators

Robin Whittle rw@firstpr.com.au
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 17:56:08 +1100

Danny Yee wrote:

> But who moderates the moderators list? <grin>

It is a riotous free-for-all!

My comment on 2.5 gig routers or data links or whatever was based on
this traceroute:


Regarding advertising:

> Seems like a steep price to pay to me.  Lots of places will host
> lists without advertising for very nominal fees.  I get a list free
> with my web site.

I didn't establish the list there - someone else did and wanted to pass
it on to me.  There are banner ads on the website and each email begins
with something like:

-------------------------- eGroups Sponsor -------------------------~-~>
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It always seems to be the same ad - so I don't see it after a while.  It
is for an egroups service, so it seems they don't yet have any paying
advertisers yet for the spankophile demographic.  No-one has complained
about it - but it is not my preference.  

> > They have automatic systems to handle bouncing email to list members 
> > and to suspend the problem addresses after a while.
> Using VERP, I imagine.  EZMLM seems like one of the most reliable
> at doing this, but it requires you to be running qmail.  I think
> for most purposes I'd go with Mailman running on top of Postfix...
> But let's not get technical.


egroups.com uses qmail.  I haven't sussed their web server or OS yet.

After a few searches I find that VERP means "Variable Envelope Return
Paths" - an approach for figuring out which addresses are bouncing:


I am running Postfix here on my home/office server and if I was going to
run any more mailing lists, I think I would install GNU Mailman instead
of clunky old Majordomo.


- Robin