[LINK] BBC's plan to block Net access unworkable

Tony Barry me@Tony-Barry.emu.id.au
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 11:43:10 +1100

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Source: Ken Rutkowski's Daily Tech News Clicks - Friday Febuary 2, 2001

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plan to block Net access unworkable ZDNet UK The BBC's plan to block 
UK access to its international news site has been greeted with a 
mixture of criticism and derision from experts. The corporation plans 
to launch it's international news site -- BBCNews.com -- later this 
year which it claims is a response to government pressure to extend 
its World Service onto the Internet. The BBC proposes to make the new 
international site accessible only to users outside the UK. This, it 
says, will maintain a distance between its publicly-funded and 
commercial services. Both the existing and proposed sites will carry 
the same news content, with the latter funded by and carrying 
advertisements for its international-only audience
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