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Glen Turner glen.turner at aarnet.edu.au
Tue Apr 29 15:17:13 EST 2003

Chirgwin, Richard wrote:
> Wasn't hiding, just pragmatic. Not everyone wants to be enslaved to the
> care-and-feeding of the box just because it's Linux. I sympathise with this:
> I want to be a user, not an administrator, because frankly the piano is more
> fun than the CLI...

Unfortunately, just because the manufacturer of the box
has done the care and feeding it doesn't mean they
have done it right.

Number One on this list is the SMC Barricade 7004ABREU
ADSL modem/router.  These clever lads have hard-coded
the IP addresses of NTP servers into their firmware.

Unfortunately, the IP addresses of the CSIRO public
NTP servers was in all but the most recent firmware.
That server had to be removed from public use, as
the traffic from the worldwide sales of those idiotically-
designed boxes flooded the service.

Our tests show that SMC's latest firmware hasn't fixed
the problem.  They're just using some other time
servers.  As enough millions of those boxes with that
firmware are sold then those NTP services too will be

There's a variant of NTP designed exactly for network
infrastructure like the SMC Barricade -- the broadcast
mode of Simple NTP.  SMC just didn't know enough to use

I wonder what that lack of knowledge says about the
remainder of that box's firewalling software :-)

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