[LINK] Finally up to date on the Shuttle

Adam Todd adam@todd.inoz.com
Sun, 02 Feb 2003 22:30:52 +1100

I got to the film set today and someone had a paper, although I'd listened 
to the radio on the way in and caught hints here and there of the 
news.  The most updated news I had was that the damage to the left wing was 
most likely the cause of a series of events.

Reading the paper of course really tossed in the light and boy did it put a 
dampener on the day's shooting.

I'm saddened that my "best hopes" were so far from the reality.  I guess 
you always hope.  Even when Challenger flashed, we all sat back thinking 
"We'll see parachutes next, look for the parachutes."  But we really all 
knew it was not to happen.

Worse off, it does seem, from what I've gathered, that human decision was 
the cause.  I'm not sure, even if the launch was aborted mid way it would 
have made a difference (not enough knowledge in my head.)

Anyway, no doubt we'll be hearing more about this and the investigation.  I 
just hope they don't suspend the services for too long.  It doesn't seem 
the hardware itself in it's normal state is a problem, perhaps maintenance 
will be the ultimate blame, Columbia is (if i recall) the oldest shuttle, 
not that this is an excuse.

So now, more of my sympathy goes to the families, not much else one can 
say, as the awe of watching a Shuttle launch is equal to the awe of the 
mission disaster, just on opposite ends of the spectrum.

I'd be keen to know why, however, Australian TV networks don't run Shuttle 
and NASA TV during the early hours of the morning.  I'd certainly be 
watching it!