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i worry that the yanks don't seem to learn lessons. they say they noticed a
bit fall off on launch. i wonder if they informed the shuttle crew or had
the damage inspected.

my gut feel would be that they held numerous meetings of 'top brass' at hq &
decided not to tell anyone in case they'd have the program stopped, just
like they did with challenger when they noticed a little puff of smoke on
takeoff. according to feynman's findings at the enquiry, they knew with 14%
probability that the o-rings would fail and still they hushed it up.

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> I got to the film set today and someone had a paper, although I'd listened
> to the radio on the way in and caught hints here and there of the
> news.  The most updated news I had was that the damage to the left wing
> most likely the cause of a series of events.
> Reading the paper of course really tossed in the light and boy did it put
> dampener on the day's shooting.
> I'm saddened that my "best hopes" were so far from the reality.  I guess
> you always hope.  Even when Challenger flashed, we all sat back thinking
> "We'll see parachutes next, look for the parachutes."  But we really all
> knew it was not to happen.
> Worse off, it does seem, from what I've gathered, that human decision was
> the cause.  I'm not sure, even if the launch was aborted mid way it would
> have made a difference (not enough knowledge in my head.)
> Anyway, no doubt we'll be hearing more about this and the investigation.
> just hope they don't suspend the services for too long.  It doesn't seem
> the hardware itself in it's normal state is a problem, perhaps maintenance
> will be the ultimate blame, Columbia is (if i recall) the oldest shuttle,
> not that this is an excuse.
> So now, more of my sympathy goes to the families, not much else one can
> say, as the awe of watching a Shuttle launch is equal to the awe of the
> mission disaster, just on opposite ends of the spectrum.
> I'd be keen to know why, however, Australian TV networks don't run Shuttle
> and NASA TV during the early hours of the morning.  I'd certainly be
> watching it!
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