[LINK] Freedom of Expression (TM)

Jan Whitaker jwhit@melbpc.org.au
Mon, 03 Feb 2003 16:38:12 +1100

At 09:57 AM 3/02/03 +1100, Ash Nallawalla wrote:
>"Kembrew McLeod, an artist and assistant professor at the University of
>Iowa, believes that "freedom of expression" -- or at least the phrase --
>belongs to him, because he registered it as a trademark in 1998. And now
>that AT&T is using the phrase in some print ads, he wants them to stop."
>- Houston Chronicle

Isn't that some sort of mathematical thing like fractals?  Self- reference 
or something?  freedom of expression being curtailed by a trademark to 
disallow freedom of expression.  Life is getting too bizarre.  I think I'll 
just shoot myself now and get it over with. <sigh>  <just kidding>


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