[LINK] Gates on Privacy !!

Jan Whitaker jwhit@melbpc.org.au
Tue, 04 Feb 2003 08:25:19 +1100

This one is really rich, given the issue of Passport intrusions and 
relinquishing privacy controls to his bloody company!


Gates predicts boom, but warns on privacy
By Rome
February 3 2003
A "critical topic" was privacy for computer users, Gates warned.
"Many people are holding back from using the internet because of these 
concerns," he said, which ranged from fears over using an email address 
because of junk mail, and of using credit card numbers online.
"We have to make it clear to people as they're using the internet, how will 
the information be used, and make it simple for them to understand that.
"What we're facing is that we have to be more explicit about these rules," 
he said.

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