[LINK] RFI: Spam from Korea

Tom Worthington tomw2@ozemail.com.au
Tue, 04 Feb 2003 09:00:35 +1100

At 31/01/03 01:40, Danny Yee wrote:
>Roger Clarke wrote:
> > ... enhance our filters and flick it into our 'Korean Spam' tray?
>A reliable method of detecting Korean text would satisfy me...

"How do I keep my inbox from getting Korean SPAM?" 
filtering on typical Korean characters in the subject. This worked with 
Eudora on the 10 Korean messages I got over the weekend.

ACM have introduced a spam filter on their email redirection service 
<https://spam.acm.org/public/spamapp/newfilter.cfm>. It lets through quite 
a few spams but doesn't seem to block genuine messages.

Over the weekend I got 254 messages. Of these:

* 113 Quarantined by the ACM system,
*  26 detected by my mail filters (with 10 Korean),
*  65 not filtered but I considered Spam
*  50 genuine messages.

I looked through the subject lines and senders of the Quarantined messages 
but didn't find any I thought were genuine (I opened the content of one 
which had a plausible subject line, but it turned out to be a Nigerian scam).

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