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David Lochrin dlochrin@dot.net.au
Wed, 05 Feb 2003 11:18:24 +1100

   Lately I've noticed major performance problems with a couple of websites, including Colonial First State.  So I finally became motivated enough to download and install the Mozilla V1.2.1 browser.  What a difference!

   Using Mozilla on this 233MHz (!!) box, the CFS home page loads almost instantly, the "unit prices" page  http://www.colonialfirststate.com.au/funds/unit-prices.asp?BrandName=CFSI#a60  loads within 5 seconds, and the page  http://www.colonialfirststate.com.au/funds/unit-prices.asp?BrandName=CFSI#a60  (loaded from the "rollover & superannuation" link) loads within 15 seconds.

   With Mozilla shut down (including the detached process) Netscape V4.77 took 65/70 seconds to load the "unit prices" page and 70/70 seconds to load the second page on the two occasions I have just run it.

   Since Netscape uses the Microsoft Java engine in Windows 98 but Mozilla uses the Sun Java Run Time Environment (RTE), this suggests some piece of Java code is tying the MS Java engine up in knots but not the Sun Java RTE, i.e. the MS Java engine is just very slow under some circumstances.  Does anyone have any other suggestions re what's going on?  Is it possible that Netscape is executing some Java code sychronously but Mozilla is not?

   I now intend to make Mozilla my default browser, especially since Microsoft's Java appears to have a number of major security problems which can only be fixed via the reviled "live update" process which has been discussed here recently.

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