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Just found a synopsis of Three Fingers. I was wrong - it does include the
Mickey Mafia punishing infringers, but no listening devices.
(PS. A decade ago there was a Sydney pub band called Disneyfist, named after
one of the members. Guess who wrote to them...I think the letter is framed
on someone's wall somewhere.)

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"Kembrew McLeod, an artist and assistant professor at the University of
Iowa, believes that "freedom of expression" -- or at least the phrase --
belongs to him, because he registered it as a trademark in 1998. And now
that AT&T is using the phrase in some print ads, he wants them to stop."
- Houston Chronicle

Does anyone remember a SF story - probably the 1960s - set in a world where
copyright inspectors walked around with listening devices strapped to their
bodies, and eavesdropped on conversations. If you were heard to use a
copyrighted word, the cash register went "ding" and the inspector put out
his hand for payment.
If anyone can recall this, I'd appreciate a source, as I want to use it in a


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