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For Parliament watchers and those with an eye on possible war in Iraq,
comes "'Operation Bastille': Forces and Likely Tasks for Australia's
Contribution to the War in Iraq"
by Alex Tewes of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Group 4 February 2003

"This Brief seeks to provide some details about the Australian forces being
committed to the Persian Gulf, and looks at some of the factors affecting
their tasking if war actually is declared. It also considers the tasks
likely to be assigned within the larger coalition plans for the conduct of
the War on Iraq."

I notice disclaimers about the work being the author's views etc etc. -
"This paper has been prepared for general distribution to Senators and
Members of the Australian Parliament. ... views expressed are those of the
author... Advice on legislation or legal policy issues contained in this
paper is provided for use in parliamentary debate and for related
parliamentary purposes."

>From p. 13: "forces nominated for deployment are all small contingents of
disparate forces largely unable to operate coherently ... This suggests
that if the Australian forces are committed to actual operations, they will
do so under the operational control of American commanders."



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