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Glen Turner glen.turner@aarnet.edu.au
Fri, 07 Feb 2003 16:07:13 +1030

Chirgwin, Richard wrote:

> I guess commandeering satellites is feasible, but only if there were a
> crisis of communications sufficient to demand so much more than the DoD
> already has.

In the Gulf War the US DoD made significant purchases of computers
and communications.  So although no comms services were lost,
commissioning new services was a problem.  Particulary hit were
purchasers of Sun computers, delivery times blowing out beyond
100 days for some items.  This might be less of a problem
this time -- the deployment is smaller and manufacturers have
significant excess capacity.

Booking satelite channels was an issue during the Gulf War.
The media made claims that capacity was deliberately purchased
by DoD to make reportage difficult.  We'll see.  Whatever happened
during the Gulf War is bound to be more blatant now that Donald
Rumsfeld is in charge :-)

> The Internet may >not< be as resilient as we think, were a hub to be siezed.
> I remember research last year raising the concern that there is too great a
> concentration of major nodes in too few hands ...posted to Link last year,
> but can't find it now.

I can't find the reference either.

But almost all international Internet links land in

So there's significant risk of outage from natural causes
such as earthquakes and from legislative actions that
would otherwise be peculiar to just California.

Only really solution at the moment to is go to differing
places on US west coast, such as Seattle and Palo Alto.
There's very little international Internet capacity that
doesn't go through the USA.  Hopefully this will change
when new undersea cables land in WA.

US EPA is clamping down on undersea cable landing stations
due to visual impact (think solid building, razor wire,
etc).  Unclear if this will lead to co-located landing points
(increasing exposure) or a wdier geographical spread of landing
points (decreasing exposure but increasing backhaul costs).

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