[LINK] Censorship Issues..

Adam Todd adam@todd.inoz.com
Sat, 08 Feb 2003 22:36:58 +1100

On the majority of the content of adult videos' most are really poor 
quality and very poor dubs.  DVD's are slightly better, but not 
often.  Most of the voyeur and "private home" stuff probably really isn't, 
it's just made to look that way, but no doubt, some is a trespass on privacy.

>I am not a guardian of public morality and believe that the sale of
>adult material within New South Wales is in most cases healthy, and
>would willingly endorse moves to legalise such material, but draw the
>line at material which infringes personal liberty.

I totally agree.  I'd go a little further, I'd add a "quality" 
qualifier.  That is, if the sound is poor, image is of low grade, and the 
"oohs and ahhs" are too frequent, the product should be tossed.  If we 
could get ride of the crud that makes it's way into the market, then adult 
content, legitimately made, would be of much higher quality, respected by 
more people and probably gain a higher consumer saturation.

So far I'm yet to see a "good" quality X rated movie.  Most R rated are 
okish, although Romance didn't really excite me.