[LINK] Australian Psychological Society take on the "fridge magnet"

Peter Hughes p.hughes@latrobe.edu.au
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 10:16:49 +1100


But I thought this was the idea:
> The Federal Government's `Threat of Terrorism' booklet is likely to
> increase fear and uncertainty amongst Australians, according to the
> Australian Psychological Society's (APS) interest group, Psychologists
> for the Promotion of World Peace (PPOWP). Dr Susie Burke, National
> Convenor of PPOWP, said it was unfortunate that the booklet raises
> psychological issues of fear, uncertainty, and insecurity, but offers
> no advice on how to handle these emotions. "People who have
> experienced traumas in the past are particularly at risk of reacting
> negatively", Dr Burke said.  Receiving the information pack may prompt
> people to revisit in their minds September 11 and the Bali bombing,
> she added.
A government which has absolutely no policies for this term in government is
using the strategy of keeping the population afraid and uncertain, and
preferably (from their point of view) divided, because then they will be
susceptible to always running back to daddy!


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