[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

David Boxall david.boxall@hunterlink.net.au
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 10:46:19 +1100

As the mailout is distributed without a sender's address, the 
following may be approprite.  They're on the APH web site as 
addresses for one John Howard, MHR.

Electorate Office:
230 Victoria Road
Gladesville NSW 2111

Postal Address:
PO Box 336
Gladesville NSW 2111 

Tel: (02) 9816 1300
Fax: (02) 9816 1349

Sydney Office:
Level 9, Charterbridge House
56-70 Phillip Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Postal Address:
GPO Box 59
Sydney NSW 2001 

Tel: (02) 9251 5711
Fax: (02) 9251 5454

Date sent:      	Wed, 5 Feb 2003 05:57:28 +0100
From:           	Felipe Rodriquez <felipe@xs4all.nl>
To:             	link@anu.edu.au
Subject:        	[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

> (don't know where this originated from)
> Subject: Return Howard's mailout
> As you are probably aware, over the next fortnight the
> Federal Government is sending a mailout to every
> household in Australia. In this pack is a letter from
> our illustrious Prime Minister, a booklet on how to
> help the government "fight terrorism" and a fridge
> magnet (!)
> Today, Brisbane's Lord Mayor, Jim Soorley, made the
> eminently sensible suggestion that Australians who did
> not support the Howard government's backing of
> America's war should simply return the package to
> sender.
> I, for one, think it's a fantastic opportunity to show
> Mr Howard that not all Australians think the way he
> does. If you agree as well, I urge you to:
> 1. Watch out for the package when it arrives, mark it
> "Return to Sender" and drop it in the nearest mailbox.
> You may also want to add a personal anti-war message
> to it.
> 2. Please forward this email to as many people as you
> think might be interested in joining this protest. Mr
> Howard's mailout is already on its way to practically
> every Australian - but email can still beat it!
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