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At 13:17 09-02-2003 +1100, Howard Lowndes wrote:

>...and I don't know whether you realise that CLID barring doesn't work in 
>some cases.  I set up a fax facility for a friend on a Faxstream Duet 
>line.  The advertised number (TLID I think they call it was the secondary 
>number, but when I tried the test to the fax reporting service which sent 
>out on the primary number, the report firstly tried to come back on the 
>primary number but c=gave up after 3 tries and then tried the secondary 
>(TLID) number.  Both number have CLID barring.

   I did the same thing some years ago, and had trouble pursuading Telstra they had configured the service incorrectly.  The people at Customer Support Centre level kept insisting they should send out a technician to test the line at the subscriber's premises, and I had to work my way up to an Area Engineer to convince the mighty Telstra Organisation they'd configured the wrong "distinctive ring" cadence.

   ITU have defined eight distinctive ring cadences, numbered DR0 - DR7.  One has been reserved for FAX services and is recognised by FAX machines which support distinctive ring, but I'm afraid I can't remember which one - maybe DR6?  I believe Telstra now allow a number of distinctive rings on a single customer line (each with an associated number) so, for example, you can have the normal ring for domestic calls, a distinctive ring for business calls, another distinctive ring for the children, plus the characteristic FAX ring.

   All outbound calls look the same to the exchange because they all appear on the same copper pair, and all will be given the same CLID as far as I'm aware.  I don't know how the FAX Reporting Service figures out which number to send its report to, but it might look for the number which is associated with the FAX ring cadence.  If it's sending reports to the primary number you could have a configuration problem.

   Your friend's FAX machine should treat all incoming calls with the FAX ring cadence as FAX calls, without fiddling around trying to guess whether it's a FAX or voice call.  (So if you make a voice call to the FAX number, the machine will just give up.)  However it will almost certainly still do that if a FAX call has any ring cadence other then the correct one.

   End of lecture..... (:-)   Apologies if you know all this, Howard!

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