[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

Adam Neat adamneat@anoti.com
Sun, 9 Feb 2003 19:43:40 +1100

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Whilst I appreciate that people do not want war (=E2=80=A6 who does), =
I'm getting more and more frustrated with people who continuously mock =
attempts by our government in their attempt to publicly address these =

It=E2=80=99s a common case of what ever they [the government] do, they =
will be considered to be doing a wrong thing (ie: stuffed if you are, =
stuffed if you're not).=20

People need to realise that no matter what side of government is in =
power, something in the form of what we have been sent in the mail would =
be sent to us. I'd guarantee that if Labor were in power, we'd get =
something similar.

If you don=E2=80=99t believe its contents are worthwhile or informative, =
take it at least that those in power are attempting to provide guidance =
and information to those of our community who may not be as versed or =
informed on such matters.

To these types of responses below, I ask 'what would YOU propose in =
place of a mail out' ?



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> (don't know where this originated from)
> Subject: Return Howard's mailout
> As you are probably aware, over the next fortnight the Federal=20
> Government is sending a mailout to every household in Australia. In=20
> this pack is a letter from our illustrious Prime Minister, a booklet=20
> on how to help the government "fight terrorism" and a fridge
> magnet (!)
> Today, Brisbane's Lord Mayor, Jim Soorley, made the
> eminently sensible suggestion that Australians who did
> not support the Howard government's backing of
> America's war should simply return the package to
> sender.
> I, for one, think it's a fantastic opportunity to show
> Mr Howard that not all Australians think the way he
> does. If you agree as well, I urge you to:
> 1. Watch out for the package when it arrives, mark it
> "Return to Sender" and drop it in the nearest mailbox.
> You may also want to add a personal anti-war message
> to it.
> 2. Please forward this email to as many people as you
> think might be interested in joining this protest. Mr Howard's mailout =

> is already on its way to practically every Australian - but email can=20
> still beat it!
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