[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

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BRD for PM!!!!

on thurs i heard the nz pm give her comment on nz's approach to the war. she
said they were keeping well out of it!!

good one.

peace & love

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> Here's my bitterly cynical view of the anti-terrorist mail-out.
> Howard is a superb and cunning politician. He knows how to use fear to
> garner support and prolong his stay in power.
> The fear pack is just another weapon in Howard's arsenal of election
> gadgets.
> He has used the fear factor before (Gun control, children overboard) and
> using it again. Unfortunately, as a professional politician, the only
> battle he knows is against other politicians. As a leader of the country,
> representative of the people and potential agent of change for good, he
> falls well short.
> John Howard comes across to me as only interested in power for its own
> sake. I do not remember him espousing any sort of future that would bring
> benefits to the average Australian.
> I cannot make sense of anything coming out of the USA. Bush, Powell,
> Rumsford, Cheyney... the message is inconsistent, illogical, short on
> common sense and lacking in coherence.
> Tony Blair seems to have fallen for the Thatcher plot - any war against a
> weak opponent is a good war - for votes.
> The world is not a pleasant place just at the moment. I just wish that if
> Australia is to fight for anything, it fights for something that reflects
> the value system of its people, not a sad old politician who doesn't seem
> to have a drop of humanity in him.
> --
> He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.
> -- Shakespeare, (Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene II)
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