[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

Felipe Rodriquez felipe@xs4all.nl
Sun, 9 Feb 2003 17:21:01 +0100

Hi Adam,

>Whilst I appreciate that people do not want war (??? who does), I'm
>getting more and more frustrated with people who continuously mock
>attempts by our government in their attempt to publicly address
>these issues.

There are better ways to adress the issue, other than extending 
the personality cult around Johnny Howard. 

Terrorism is only a problem is urban areas, where population
densities are high. In outback australia there is zero chance
of terrorist problems, yet all citizens got their pack. Why ? Because
this government believes that communicating with the citizens through
the mail will give them votes. At the expense of the taxpayer the
government is sending terrorist packs to citizens in Tibooburra and
Cooktown, and you wonder why people are mocking it ?

The problem of terrorism is very much one of this government's
own making, you have to wonder why Australia has become a target
of terrorism, and other countries are not a target.

Keep the problem in perspective. 2079 people lost their live because
they where murdered in California in 2000.  1736 people died in
2001 in Australia because they where involved in a road traffic
accident. 6700 australians die from lung cancer each year, mostly
as a result of smoking cigarettes.

The 'problem' of terrorism is really not all that big. The _real_
problem of terrorism if _fear_. And our fear is cynically exploited
by both the terrorists and the australian government.

> People need to realise that no matter what side of government is
>in power, something in the form of what we have been sent in the
>mail would be sent to us. I'd guarantee that if Labor were in power,
>we'd get something similar.

That to me says more about the perversion of politics in this 
country, than it does about sound government policy. 

> To these types of responses below, I ask 'what would YOU propose 
> in place of a mail out' ?

When the UK was the object of IRA terrorism, did the prime minister
need to send a letter to all the citizens ? When Spain was (and still is)
the object of ETA terrorist attacks, did they send a letter to the 
citizens ? Ofcourse they did not. There are better and
more efficient ways to inform the public, using mass media, press
conferences, posters et cetera. 


	Felipe Rodriquez