[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

Chris Maltby chris@sw.oz.au
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 11:40:16 +1100

> From: Adam Neat
>> I'd guarantee that if Labor were in power, we'd get something similar.

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 12:40:18AM +1100, Ash Nallawalla wrote:
> I agree, but my complaint is not about the ruling party but about the
> methodology.  I have no political preference and hope that Labor wins
> next time just to reduce the noise on the Net.

Can't we hope for something better...

>> I ask 'what would YOU propose in place of a mail out' ? 
> I'd prefer a single A5 or A4 card with a summary as put out in many US
> states, e.g.
> http://www.redcross.org/services/disaster/beprepared/hsas/family.pdf or
> http://www100.state.il.us/security/emertips.cfm (see tips for families).
> I would have kept that.  Offer only a smaller quantity of the booklets
> at post offices or through a hotline.

I'd prefer it if they spent the money on developing incident
management plans and training the police and other emergency
personel in how they work. If there is to be some sort of terror
attack, then a smooth and co-ordinated response from these people
is what's needed, not some half baked "alert but not alarmed"
exhortation to the public.  It will be Police/Fire/Ambulance/SES
who will have to manage the public and any casualties in the event.

Actually, I'd prefer it if they chose a foreign policy which
reduced the risk of Australia becoming/remaining a target.

As it is, the lack of incident plans for likely accident/terror
scenarios can safely be assumed - there is (for example) no
co-ordinated plan for dealing with an attack on the ANSTO
facility at Lucas Heights. The experience with natural
disasters like fire, and the evidence from New York suggest
that co-ordination is the most vital part, and you don't get
that by accident or fridge magnet.

The whole thing is (as mentioned) a political stunt - the
government is _seen_ to be doing something (anything). My
guess is that this one has mostly backfired...