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Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd@austarmetro.com.au
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:23:37 +1100

Open Source Book
New Zealand Open Source Society

There is a huge amount of material about open source on the Internet. There
are also many technical books which give you all the information you need
to know about various open source applications. However there are no books
which bring the case for open source together into a compelling and easy to
read exposition. Such a book is needed to communicate with the decision
makers - such as politicians, heads of departments, CIO's and CEO's. The
Open Source Book Project intends to take the expertise of the open source
community to write a book putting the case for open source, and explaining
how to manage the migration to open source.

The project will be developing the book using open source tools such as
LaTex and CVS. LaTex allows authors to concentrate on the content of the
book, rather than the typesetting. Authors can use basic text editors for
the book, rather than complex word processors. However, more complex word
processors are available for LaTex.

CVS - or Concurrent Version System - is designed to control different
versions of the same document. This is typically used by software
developers for their source code. However, CVS is also good for allowing
collaboration between several authors writing a book.

The book will not be a specifically New Zealand book, however since the
authors are primarily New Zealanders it will probably contain prodominantly
New Zealand flavour. Since this is just starting it might me that we also
invite overseas authors onboard to help with the project.

The book will be aimed at Information System Professionals and decision
makers in large organisations that are looking for solid reasons to
implement open source, and methods of managing the migration from closed
systems to open source systems.

Proceeds from Royalties of the book will be split between the authors, with
a portion going to support the supply of the books to important people in
various large businesses and government. The book will also be released
under an open license, although this may be delayed until after publication
(we havn't decided on all the details yet).

To participate in either authoring or reviewing the book you should join
the projects mailing list at book-subscribe@nzoss.org.nz

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Bernard Robertson-Dunn
Canberra Australia