[LINK] Terrorism Booklet On-line but no phone number

Tom Worthington tomw2@ozemail.com.au
Sun, 09 Feb 2003 16:20:24 +1100

The on-line version of the government "Let's Look out for Australia 
Booklet" is at: 
The long URL is a worry, perhaps we are all being tracked? ;-)

The HTML version seems to be a quick copy and paste job (lacking metadata, 
images and links back to the web site). This lack of effort is surprising, 
given the resources and attention spent on the printed version. But it is 
easy to read and I could find only one error: a vertical bar character "" 
in front of "In an emergency try to remain calm". The PDF version is a 
reasonable rendition of the paper one and not too big.

So perhaps we should all follow the Brisbane Lord Mayor's advice and send 
the paper version back unopened, marked "return to sender" 
<http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/s775526.htm>. ;-)

ps: I wrote the above on Friday, but over the weekend had need to call the 
police. Someone was acting suspiciously in the vicinity of the Smart 
Apartment in the middle of the night. So who to call and how to find the 
number in the dark (not wanting to turn on the light an alert the miscreant)?

Checking the "important message" from the Prime Minister  I was 
disappointed to see under "your local police" there was no number. Lacking 
a printed phone book, I switched on the laptop and did a quick white pages 
search to find it was 13 1444 for the ACT. Called the number and talked to 
a friendly and efficient sounding officer.

A little searching the next day showed that the ACT, NSW, SA and WA all 
have the same 13 1444 state-wide number. Perhaps the other states could 
adopt this, so it could be printed on fridge magnets. Perhaps I should have 
the local number committed to memory, but this is only the second time I 
have ever had to call.

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