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SnipURL   < http://snipurl.com/ > does have a privacy policy, and also has
the ability for users to make their "snipped" URLs  private
(username/password). If someone's already "snipped" that address you can
copy the short link to your buffer with a click. This sort of Web
application is heartening to see - although I wonder about their business
model and hence longevity...

>From SnipURL's privacy policy:
"we reserve the right to disable any URL that we suspect is a misuse of our
services...We have a policy of ZERO TOLERANCE for spam and using "snipped"
URLs for illegal purposes such as spamming is strictly forbidden. If
unbecoming use of SnipURL for such purposes is discovered or reported, we
will bring the responsible senders to the attention of all relevant ISPs
and to the several anti-spam bodies include Spamcop, Abuse.net, Cloudmark
etc. We will also bar the websites so used from being included in snipped
URLs. Don't make us do it! Thanks. "

I also like the ability to use a bookmarklet (see also <
http://snurl.com/o6t>) to Snip the page you're on.... doesn't work on
"framed" sites though. Also you need to disable your popup disabler to
run...  SnipURL has an animated demonstration of their bookmarklet: <


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On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Ash Nallawalla wrote:
> > The long URL is a worry, perhaps we are all being tracked? ;-)
> Try http://tinyurl.com/

Call me a sceptic, but I wonder how much of their money is actually made
by donations. I notice they don't seem to have any sort of a privacy
policy and this would be a good way to generate consumer stats on apges


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