[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

James Pearce james.pearce@zdnet.com.au
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:07:39 +1100

Please try to read what I actually write and not what you think you can
argue against. I won't let you get away with knocking over a straw man.

I have never claimed the argument against war with Iraq rests on those
opposed to the war being cowards. However, ONE of the arguments that has
been continually brought up, on this list and elsewhere, is that by
supporting the US we increase the danger to Australia. If we allow this one
argument to go unchallenged, it can set a dangerous precedent for future

If the Australian Government was convinced to stay out of a war with Iraq,
not because the war was unethical but because it increased danger to
Australia, then in a future situation where it may be ethical to act the
government wouldn't, because of fears of increased danger to Australians.

Ironically, the very paragraph of mine you quoted was the one where I
pointed out that the countries which do not support the US stance hold their
opinion because of factors other than fear. Try reading it again.


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> On 11 Feb, James Pearce wrote:
> > All of the countries you mentioned above aren't "jumping in" because
> > don't agree with unilateral action against Iraq-not because of some
> > fear of becoming a target. There are many good reasons for not
> > the US war on Iraq, but cowardice isn't one of them.
> I really don't think that those of us against this adventurism in Iraq
> are against it because we are cowards. I am opposing it because it is
> not RIGHT (for many reasons which have been discussed here, so I will
> forbear).
> Suggesting that the opposition to the war is opposing it out of fear is
> fairly despicable tactics - but something that has all too frequently
> occurred to those opposing a war. It's another example of the 'If you
> are not with us, you are against us' mentality that appears to be
> driving so much of this policy here and in the US.
> Insistence on a binary perspective by the proponents of this war
> suggests that they have very tiny minds and are incapable of thinking
> beyond their own self-imposed narrow constraints.
> If I believed in God I would say 'God help us' - for it will take the
> intervention of Bush and Howard's God to turn them off this course.
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