[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

Adam Todd adam@todd.inoz.com
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 12:05:30 +1100

At 07:07 10/02/03 +1100, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>On Sun, 9 Feb 2003, Felipe Rodriquez wrote:
> > Keep the problem in perspective. 2079 people lost their live because
> > they where murdered in California in 2000.  1736 people died in
> > 2001 in Australia because they where involved in a road traffic
> > accident. 6700 australians die from lung cancer each year, mostly
> > as a result of smoking cigarettes.
>...add to that, 7 people die in a Shuttle burn-up, 7 people who were well
>aware of the risks that they were facing; 7 people die in the Waterfall
>derailment, 7 people who were just going about their normal activities;
>but we get the massive outpouring of grief over the Shuttle, and attempts
>at political point scoring ahead of a NSW election over Waterfall.  Where
>are our priorities?

And 661 Children died in the CARE of the NSW Department of Community 
Services in the last 12 months.

I do wonder where our priorities are.

Footnote:  There were 174,000 notifications about child abuse and neglect 
made to the DoCS in the last 12 months.  Of these only 8000 were 
investigated.  (Possibly because of these 8000 investigations, there were 
2,5, 10 or more multiple complaints, so lets say that 8000 notifications 
times 15 complaints were made on each child, that's 120,000 complaints, 
leaving only 54,000 lets divide that by 15, so 3400 children, left 

Most complaints were received about families in Family Law crisis.  There 
are approximately two "Fathers" committing suicide a week in NSW because of 
the Family Law anxiety and stress upon them.  (It's about one mother every 
6 months.)   About once a month, a "murder suicide" takes place, either 
Mother or Father initiated: "If I can't stop you having the kids, I won't 
let you have them at all" from the Mothers point of view or "If I can't get 
to see my kids you won't ever see them again" from the fathers point of view.

Start to add up the numbers nationally and it looks really bad.  According 
to Dad's groups around the country, they estimate that THREE fathers commit 
suicide a day in Australia.

There are 999,000 children registered with the Child Support Agency.  An 
outstanding Debt of Child Support of more than $660 Million, of which most 
debtors or more than $10,000.  97% of Child Support Payers are 
Fathers.  There are 50,000 marriages going under the Family Court Hammer a 
year in Australia. (Avg over the last three years.)

Gosh and this is only ONE issue in our society.

Add in Railway problems, which although happen rarely, involve a lot of 
people (not a lot of deaths though), compared to the road toll, then 
consider revenue raising by the State for Speeding and other silly traffic 
infringements, we've got lots of problems nationally.  (Speeding doesn't 
kill, Drivers do. And Revenue raising AFTER the offence is NOT going to 
reduce the offence.)

Anyway, my vent for the day, don't even let me get onto the issues of 
Archiving our history at this time and the Government and it's re-writing 
campaigns on just about everything from personal history to current events, 
or the issues of Stupid Legislation (NSW and other states) trying to 
CONTROL and prevent open use of the Internet, and Censorship and ....