[LINK] MS to speak at NY OS Con

Jacqueline McNally jacqueline@decisions-and-designs.com.au
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 09:29:00 +0800

At 08:06 AM 02/11/2003, RC wrote:
> >From Newsforge:
>Microsoft has scored another speaking post at an open source conference.
>Interesting; given the NOIE conf, it may be that we're seeing the start of a
>strategy. Mind you, it's a high-risk strategy; you can assume that some of
>the delegates will be sufficiently intelligent to ask the sorts of questions
>whose answers will look bad in print...

The NY OS con was robustly discussed on the OpenOffice.org [Marketing] 
list. Some luminaries of Free and Open Source dropped in to continue the 
discussion. Browse from message 5741 (Feb 2003) if you are interested:

In addition to the NOIE conf, there are the MS "Competitive Hour" sessions 
during Feb/Mar around Australia, see:

Leon has compiled an article comparing Shared Source and Open Source:
(Leon organised the Education mini-conf prior to LCA2003 last month.)

The article has been slashdotted:

There appears to be a number of people gathering pertinent questions to 
seek answers at appropriate venues.

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