[LINK] OT: Howards anti-terrorist mailout

Adam Todd adam@todd.inoz.com
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:17:21 +1100

>Adam, this is complete nonsense. As a self-professed expert in the
>operation of DoCS I would have expected you to know better. And when
>making such a claim your obvious excuse of "oops, used the wrong number"
>is absolutely inexcusable.

No wrong numbers here.  You need to read the correct details of the reports 
that are issued side by side, not the reports that summaries and attempt to 
reduce the levels.

>In the 12 months to June 2002 there was a total of 616 registered deaths
>of people aged from 0 to 17 in NSW.

22 Children died in DoCS care in DECEMBER 2003 ALONE.  This was reported by 
the media and in a report tabled in Parliament.  It's been an issue the 
Government has done everything possible to avoid responding to and totally 

>Of these, 271 were reported to the coroner.
>And of those 75 were from families reported to DoCS.
>And 22 were found to have died of natural causes.

The 75 from families reported to DoCS were matters where DoCS did NOT 
attend the families, but merely noted that a complaint had been made.

DoCS do everything possible (and have since I started investigating in 
1998) to avoid releasing it's statistics on deaths in it's care.

None of the published and available to the public reports include the death 
of nine children under 5 who died from DRUG OVER DOSE issues by parents.

The figures you quote also do NOT include murders of children in situations 
of family Law that were reported to DoCS and entirely preventable.

>An additional 11 children who died in transport accidents had an at
>risk of harm report (which I assume has something to do with DoCS).

I think you'll find more children died on NSW roads in "transport" 
accidents in the 12 month period.

>So, unless there has been in the last 6 months a slaughter of nearly 600
>children known to DoCS (and I'm sure that would have made the headlines
>in an election year!), a more accurate although certainly less emotive
>statement for you to make would be:

We'd love to see it make the headlines.  Go back and research the figures 
since 1998, the reports are incredible.  The "categorizing" of such detail 
is manipulated to make it worthless in each annual report.

>"64 children with some previous contact with DoCS died of unnatural
>causes in NSW in the 12 months to June 2002".
>This makes me wonder just how much of the other rubbish you write
>but which I don't have the inclination to research is just as flawed.

I'd not pay much attention to the Puppet box called the "Children's 
Commissioner" as had you read her evidence presented to the Child 
Protection inquiry, you'd wonder exactly how much she is paid to do what 
she and the people employed in that "facade" agency don't do.

The Commissioner is NOT interested in matters relating to evidenced child 
protection cases, as far too many parents in NSW know when they are 
directed to the Agency for help by - believe it or not - even DoCS itself.

Even the NSW police direct parents to the Commission for "help" that can't 
be provided because the Commission has NO - ZEOR - NATTA - power under 

It was created to make the population "think" something useful was being done.