[LINK] Give it a rest, mate!

Russell Ashdown russell@ashdown.net.au
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 22:03:11 +1000

I for one am heartily sickened and terribly embarrassed by the 
images of our sycophantic prime minister tugging his forelock to our 
American masters.

I am most especially embarrassed for him and for our country when 
he slides out with inappropriate Australian colloquial slang such as 
he did at a meeting attended by U.S. Secretary of State Colin 
Powell.  Mr Howard said:


 "If there is a faint hope of this thing being solved without military 
force, that faint hope is for the whole world saying the same thing 
and saying it very loudly to Iraq - and most particularly the Arab 
states saying, 'mate, the game is up'."

We as a nation (and he as a "prime minister") must be a laughing 
stock behind the closed doors of the Whitehouse and the Pentagon.

Russell Ashdown