[LINK] 'World's biggest Luddite' in Telstra plasma TV row

felipe rodriquez felipe@xs4all.nl
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 23:50:35 +1100

Don't the perks make it nice to be a politician;

See http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/28/29277.html

'World's biggest Luddite' in Telstra plasma TV row
By Tim Richardson
Posted: 11/02/2003 at 10:28 GMT

Could it be that the man dubbed the "world's biggest Luddite" is
actually tune in and switched on to technology? 

Australian Communications Minister Richard Alston has admitted accepting
a loan of a swish plasma wide-screen digital TV worth an estimated
AU$10,000 (3,600) from monster telco Telstra. 

Senator Alston claims the plasma screen has given him an "informed
knowledge" about plasma wide-screen digital TVs. And as a man in the
industry, he can say with all confidence why people get so excited about
wide-screen TVs. 

Oh, and it means he can watch sport. And plenty of it by the sounds of

The admission has caused anger Down Under with one opposition politician
claiming that he is "treating Telstra like his own private rental
service, with the taxpayer footing the bill", according to an AAP

In a bid to draw a line under the row Senator Alston has said he will
return the TV, but hasn't said when. Perhaps after the cricket World Cup
has finished? Hmmm?