[LINK] Give it a rest, mate!

Russell Ashdown russell@ashdown.net.au
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 10:21:18 +1000

On 12 Feb 2003 at 9:05, George Bray wrote:
> But at least he's got Vodaphone as a sponsor!  Have you ever 
> seen a statesman garbed in commercialware? It's not even an 
> Australian company! Perhaps he could convince Mr. Bush to wear a 
> Telstra logo when in the global spotlight.
Global spotlight?  I hate to disturb anyone's illusion of grandeur, but 
my information from my family in the US is that the general 
population of the US is not even aware that the Australian prime 
minister is in their country, much less who he actually is (or even 
where Australia might be (or was that Austria?)).  

It may have been lost on the general public here in Australia, but all 
the pomp and ceremony afforded Mr Howard is simply a show put 
on for the Australian media, and thus for the Australian public back 

Russell Ashdown