[LINK] R&D: The Prime Minister leads the way

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd@austarmetro.com.au
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 15:33:10 +1100

R&D: The Prime Minister leads the way
By Sam Varghese
February 12 2003

Well, finally it's happened. I mean the one event that would finally lay to
rest all the whinging about there being no interest about research and
development at the political level. 

No longer can anyone complain. Not when Prime Minister John Howard himself
is so interested in R&D. What's more, a close acolyte of his has displayed
the same interest - and over a much longer period of time. 

Why are all these folk muttering over the PM's research into plasma TV
technology? How can the bloke conduct a fair dinkum study without having
one of these in his own study? Surely, you aren't that thick to think that
he was just enjoying watching programmes like Queer as Folk? Give the man
his due is what I say. 

He's so busy remembering the lines that George Bush uttered during the last
hour in order that he can repeat them verbatim and yet he makes time to
conduct this exhausting research. So whingers, one and all, hold your
peace. Let Honest John do his job - and research, remember, isn't exactly
his job either. He working overtime without pay, so just be grateful. 

And what's all this noise made about Senator Richard Alston researching the
same technology? Would you ask a scientist to conduct experiments without a
bunsen burner and test tubes? That's all the good man was doing, simply
using a tool to research a technology which every battler should, by
rights, have. 

Why shouldn't he watch footy on it before he makes up his mind? Who's that
out there shouting that he has already watched enough cricket on it? Don't
you know that cricket and footy are different games and look different on a
plasma TV? He needs to concentrate and get his findings right. The man's
under strain, he's been working on this for 14 months. Give him a break, I

Those who are shouting themselves hoarse have doubtless forgotten the good
senator's finding about broadband internet connections - simple, people
needed them only to look at porn. That kind of research finding can only
come from one who knows his theories from his hypotheses. 

I would heartily support the supplying of every kind of technology to a
politician in order that he or she can evaluate whether they are suited for
the masses or just a product put out by a shameless businessman who is
trying to rip off Aussie battlers. Leave it to the pollie, I say. They'll
save us from our blinding urge to wade into this technology or that without

Just wondering, can't we send some of these plasma TVs to retired pollies
as well? Just remembered a bloke named Peter Reith, an astute researcher
during his period in office...

Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace. 
-- Dalai Lama 


Bernard Robertson-Dunn
Canberra Australia