[LINK] Re: FOI Act and Web-Site Design

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke@xamax.com.au
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 15:02:31 +1100

I wrote to the DoCITA webmaster:
>And is your site going to send me a copy of the text I've typed into 
>this very annoying interface?  If not, you're actively denying me 
>the opportunity to archive my message, and to record a date and time 
>stamp so that I can follow it up later if you fail to answer me.
>I suggest that you check with your lawyers, to see whether your site 
>may be in breach of the Freedom of Information Act.

I got a prompt response to the underlying request for the org chart. 
There *was* a link on the home-page;  but it was embedded in a block 
of text, rather than being bulletised;  so I overlooked it.

But here's the continuation of correspondence re FOI:

Your way of handling enquiries provides my text and time-stamp back 
to me.  But it would be helpful if you indicated that on your 
web-form, so that the poster knows that he'll get a copy back.

It would be helpful if you would make the box larger, so that the 
person can see what they're typing.

Under *those* circumstances, I would agree that you would not be in 
breach of the FOI Act, because you'd then be taking reasonable steps 
to facilitate enquiries.

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