[LINK] fridge magnet pack

Robin Whittle rw@firstpr.com.au
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 02:17:59 +1100

I am keeping mine as a museum piece - memorabilia of a new low-point and
hopefully *the* bottom of the curve, of morally and intellectually
bereft leadership in Australia, America and the UK. 

Our governments are run by complete amateurs when it comes to morality,
statesmanship and honesty.  Instead, our leaders are optimised like
greasy, sugared, slicked up junk food for an undiscerning mass market -
they are optimised for getting short-term public opinion on their side,
and in the case of the US president especially, for repaying the debts
he owes for those vile corporations who bankrolled his election

Colin Powell says that the recent "bin Laden" tape shows that Iraq is
connected to bin Laden - but it indicates quite the opposite. 
Apparently last week his big gung-ho war policy speech referred to a
fabulous "intelligence" document the Brits put on the Downing St web
site, supposedly from Blighty's best and brightest terrorism
intelligence analysts, but the whole thing was a cut-and-paste job,
complete with typos and lousy expression, from a series of magazine
articles by some US grad student.   This was apparently created hastily
when MI5's report said the wrong thing: that Saddam Hussein was not
connected with bin Laden.  Now our PM is sending troops to this looming
war based on what is purportedly US wisdom and intelligence, but US
wisdom and intelligence cites this flaky Downing St plagiarism as one of
its reliable sources.

That these people are in charge of armies, and are sending them to go
and fight a bunch of people who really *do* know how to fight and don't
care too much about the niceties . . . whilst millions of innocents are
caught in the crossfire . . . and when our leader is blushing from the
closeness of the suckfest W just engulfed him in, because the whole
thing hangs on US public opinion and the Americans want to see we
Aussies and the Brits are in the Iraq war thing too, because they trust
our judgement better than their own President's and don't want to be
seen as too pushy a cowboy going it alone in a foreign country they
aren't exactly welcome in.  So the American public are reassured about
their Great Leader's plans to invade another country bristling with
defences by the half-witted confidence and prefect-like chumminess of
our Prime Minister, who they don't know from a bar of soap, but who they
should know thinks that we Australians will feel even a gnat's whisker
safer from the threat of global terrorism now that we all have our very
own government designed fridge magnet to remind us of important phone
numbers . . . .  The same PM who trusts US wisdom which needs to cite
the plagiarised "intelligence document".  The same PM who has a picture
of Margaret Thatcher in his office.

The "Let's look out for Australia; Protecting our way of life from
possible terrorist attack" Fridge Magnet's 24-hour National Security
Hotline 1800 123 4000 isn't much chop.  A friend called it yesterday to
ask what to do if there is an attack when she is on public transport -
and the person at the other end couldn't suggest anything at all.

Amateurs - culpably clueless - voted in by complacent, dumbed down, TV
sound-bite-attention-span Democracy all of them: W, Blair and Howard;
all pretending that they are being responsible and earnest by ganging up
on perhaps the world's greatest and most practiced living torturer, mass
murderer and war-monger, who uses millions of his people as his shield,
and hostages and means of accumulating wealth and ego-stroking . . . .
whilst our lot of supposedly morally strong countries continue the
decades long pattern of allowing and supporting Israel to go on killing,
starving and destroying everything the Palestinians have, especially
their children, their children's sanity and their hope . . . . and we
are supposed to think our great leaders really know know how to reduce
or eliminate Islamic anti-Western terrorism?

The voting majority of the USA, England and Australia seem to have no
idea about leadership, rigour and principle.  I think they are used to
decades of being safe, thinking that no matter what, whoever in
government must be professional enough to keep the ship off the rocks.

I sincerely hope they kill Hussein and I think its a worthwhile project
for the UN to use a lot of force on - just to save the Iraqis.  But to
think that this is is the optimal path of wise leadership, minimising
tensions, reducing inequality, building trust and peace in the Middle
East etc. whilst the Palestinians are corralled, crushed and killed
every day and as the Israeli settlements infesting their homeland grow
and multiply . . . 

Idiot Amateurs!    But Colin Powell was a professional.  What have they
been smoking?  Is it lead in the water supply, BVO (brominated vegetable
oil) in their soft drink?  Too much time with video games and telly? 
All that junk food?   

My fridge magnet is a tangible, safe and rather quaint artefact of this
insanity.  I like to keep such things.  Hopefully I will never have to
handle any more robust repercussions of the crusade this amateurs are
conducting - but in reality, we all have to share the same world, and
this supposedly serious war is in some ways furthering the mess the West
has been making and forcing upon non-Westerners all over the world with
our governments' generally myopic choices of what injustices we
perpetrate, exacerbate, recognise or try to resolve.

   - Robin