[LINK] U.S. Plans for Cyber Warfare

David Lochrin dlochrin@dot.net.au
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 11:48:51 +1100

At 8/02/03 10:13, Brenda Aynsley wrote:
>FYI ... U.S. Plans for Cyber Warfare 08:50 AM Feb. 07, 2003 PT... 
>WASHINGTON -- President Bush has ordered the government to draw up 
>guidelines for electronic attacks against enemy computer networks... 

   Now who still believes that proprietary software from US suppliers is free of back doors and surveillance tools?  When Microsoft rummages around your computer in the process of "installing a live update" I wonder what else it might do?  I can't imagine the US National Security Agency hasn't been to see Microsoft, Symantec, ZoneLabs and other suppliers of widely used "free" software.

   Australian utilities may not be directly connected to the Internet, but lots of organisations and government departments are.  And of course even point-to-point circuits can be, and are, monitored.  I think many utilities actually make use of microwave connections, which aren't so secure either.

   It seems that an interesting political and cultural division may be forming between Europe and the US.  I wonder whether this may mean an independent IT&C industry forms there?  Now where can I buy a firewall of European origin?

   Given the choice of living in an Australia which is effectively another state of the US or moving to Europe, I'll take the latter.  Unfortunately I think I'm one generation too far removed from an EEC passport......

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