[LINK] FOI Act and Web-Site Design

Tom Worthington tomw2@ozemail.com.au
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 03:59:07 +1100

At 12/02/03 02:17, Roger Clarke wrote:
>Message sent to DoCITA, using its 'Feedback' facility:
>This is a very small box ...

I like that many otherwise bureaucratic stuffy organisations allow for 
quick comments to be posted to their web site. Impose too many restrictions 
and that will be lost.

>I can find no organisation chart on your site ...

Google knows where one is: 

>And is your site going to send me a copy of the text I've typed ... to 
>record a date and time stamp so that I can follow it up later if you fail 
>to answer me.

The sender can print a copy of their message and make a note of the time 
and date.

>I suggest that you check with your lawyers, to see whether your site may 
>be in breach of the Freedom of Information Act...

Might be more a privacy and general public service legislation issue. 
Bureaucrats are supposed to date and file important correspondence.

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