[LINK] Insight into US war policy - and mailing lists in times of crisis

Robin Whittle rw@firstpr.com.au
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:27:33 +1100

Our country is probably about to go to war with the USA, based on trust
and acceptance of the US president's view of the world, and this has
been discussed on Link, as I think such over-arching things will be
discussed on many  mailing lists, no matter how off-topic.  

I think this is a legitimate and vital function of mailing lists. 
Following September 11, on a loving relationships / spanking / domestic
discipline list I ran, I threw open discussion to the discussion of
terrorism - and that's all we did for a week.  It was a mess of
conflicting and sometimes angry perspectives, but no-one could think of
anything else, and I think it was important to allow people who had come
to know each other in this group to use the same forum to discuss what
was foremost in their minds. 

This is a way of using the Net to form potentially thoughtful
communities, and for people in very different situations, such as here
in Australia, in clueless patriotic middle America, in nearby New York,
and from one person working in a body recovery team, to compare notes
without editorial control, without lenght limits, without the
restrictions of the mass media etc.   I pretty much suspended all the
usual no flaming moderation guidelines too, and allowed virtually every
message to the list.   I think I only rejected one - a rant about

Here are some insights from a friend in the USA, following on from my
quotes from her in the fridge magnet thread.

  - Robin

- - - 

I'm sure that Bush is only following the plan that various of the hawk 
neoconservatives came up with way back at the time of the first Gulf War
and that was cut short, I think, by Clinton's election. I've read some 
of those papers, and these people envision a fairly simple series of
wars in which the United States exerts utter hegemony over the Middle
East, to begin with, and then maybe other spots in the world as well.
They think it will be easy, so far as I can tell, and will end trouble
rather than be a horrible new source of it. It's astonishing.

  Anyway, in Dubya's tiny mind I think all this stuff hooks up with 
born-again Christianity, and the Christian right pushing him to bring on
ascendance of Israel -- wchich Perle, Paul Wolfowitz (who is in the
adminsitartion) et al push -- which in the Christian right's mind, and
Dubya's, will bring on Armageddon. So he's worse and more dangerous than
father, I think, because he doesn't see *any* potential complexity but
the hand of God propelling him, Bush, to being the ruler of the side of
righteousness when there's teh rapture and the beginning of the end of

Do I sound like a maniac? To some extent, I feel as if I must be a
lunatic here. But then I see so many signs that these thoughts really
going on in teh peopel around Bush. And I see no evidence at all that
developed even the slightest complexity of mind over the past couple of
years. It's horrible to think that a grown man doesn't absorb anything
complexity when he's sitting in the most powerful chair on earth.