[LINK] fridge magnet pack - war, amateurish leaders etc.

Richard Archer rha@juggernaut.com.au
Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:38:35 +1100

At 14:10 +1100 13/2/03, Robin Whittle wrote:
>A friend writes from the USA:
>> other people feel this way in my name. I especially don't want anyone
>> to make small Iraqi children, who've already had their dolls and toy
>> trucks sold off on the sidewalk to pay the bills, feel this way any
>> more than they already do, which has to be overwhelmingly.

Aah, but isn't this the only justifiable excuse for the war?
To free the Iraqi children and people from the tyranny of SH?

And since I'm way off topic I might as well say that I would love to
see a UN resolution demanding that the US destroy all its weapons of
mass destruction too. And India. And Pakistan. And so on.