[LINK] [OT] Peace Rally Sunday 16 Feb BRISBANE

Russell Ashdown russell@ashdown.net.au
Fri, 14 Feb 2003 17:59:14 +1000

First, I want to apologise in advance to anyone who takes offence to 
my posting a notice of the Brisbane Peace Rally this Sunday.  I 
know it is not de rigeur to post such notices, but after long 
contemplation and counsel by other Linkers, I have decided to post 
this essentially for the information of interested Linkers living in or 
close to Brisbane. 

While I am not known for my strong political views, I believe that this 
issue is of such immense import to Australia, this war is so wrong 
and the politicians so arrogant, that I have decided to "put my 
money where my mouth is" and attend the peace rally in Brisbane 
this weekend.  I urge all Linkers to examine their consciences and 
attend their nearest rally.  I have attached an email that was 
forwarded to me earlier in the week, it has details of the Brisbane 
Peace Rally.

I will stand by for the expected flames, but will not reply to flames on 
the list.  If any Linkers feel strongly enough to post abuse, please 
send it directly to me and spare Link.

Russell Ashdown

------- Forwarded message follows -------
Dear Just Peace Members and Supporters

A reminder:           Brisbane Peace Rally
           11am Sunday 16 February
           Roma St Forum
Followed by a march to the QUT Riverstage, where there will be 
and entertainment beginning at 12:30pm:
Speakers include:
Grace Grace, Queensland Council of Unions
Senator Kerry Nettle, Australian Greens
Senator Andrew Bartlett, Australian Democrats
Senator Claire Moore, Australian Labor Party
The event is organised by the Queensland Peace Network with the 
support and assistance of Just Peace.  This is one of many rallies 
held around the world this weekend.  We hope it will be one of the
biggest rallies seen in Brisbane for many years.

We look forward to seeing you there.  Just Peace will have a stall, 
you are welcome to help if you are able.

Adrian Pollock

------- End of forwarded message -------